Short List Of Our Most
Frequently Asked Questions



How many teams can I join?

You can only be a member of one Skillsanywhere team at a time.

Why should I sign up?

If you want to find a job working alongside your friends, then Skillsanywhere is the place for you. We'll help you and your friends to work together in finding your next move. Skillsanywhere is another way to differentiate yourself in a crowded job market. You are not just showcasing your skills and qualifications, but demonstrating you are a team player. 

You'll receive access to a range of elearning videos on interview techniques and job applications to help you with your job search. 

Who can create a team?

Anyone can create a team. However, you can only be a member of one team at any time.

What is the size of the team?

Your team can have as many people as you want - we do recommend having a team of at least 2!

For Employers

Why should we sign up?

Skillsanywhere is ideal for recruiting full-time or temporary / project based teams where you need to form a cohesive group of staff quickly. Perhaps it’s bringing ex-military personnel back into the world of work or forming a team of IT contractors, engineers or construction workers - the list goes on.

What are the benefits?

Candidates are able to refer their friends online. Refer a friend is one of the most effective ways of recruiting people who work well together. All we do is bring this online so that you can scale and track effectiveness.

How are interviews conducted?

Interviews are initially conducted as groups with your team members. The process which is recommended is a competency based team interview followed by 1 to 1 interviews.

How many people can we hire?

We recommend you hire the whole team, although we cannot enforce this. Because it is a group interview, you can be sure the whole team will attend as they won't want to let their friends down.

How do we get references?

We believe that references from Skillsanywhere complement the traditional references that you would usually seek. Internal references from peers can be sought alongside external references from former employers, teachers, professors and others. Get in touch with us for more information.