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Features and Benefits


Receive real-time notifications or text message alerts.

Offline Access

Offline access to your learning platform and courses.

Access Your Calendar

Calendar integration with classroom training.

Seamless Onboarding

Learners continue their learning from their mobile devices.

Powerful Reporting

Access and create reports on the go.

Learning Flexibility

Publish e-learning content in any format.
Knowledge base
Share knowledge teams wide.
Easy and quick access to a knowledge base, single learning activities, or complex learning plans, company knowledge finally gathered in one place. Easy distribution and management of learning.
Manage and track all certification activity.
Certification, rewards and badges provide a sense of accomplishment which encourages ongoing participation as the learner progresses.
Master a successful onboarding process.
Successfully onboarding new staff will help make your company more agile in times when you need to quickly ramp up teams efforts.
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An LMS in Your Pocket!

Skills Anywhere boosts productivity, evidence gathering, content delivery, and usability. Users are actively learning as they go about their daily lives.

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Why Skills Anywhere is Best for Your Business

Are you looking for a mobile app to support your LMS users?

Open up new workflows for personalized and scalable communication with learners.
Put learning and organizational information all in one place.
Productivity and mentoring tool for everyday use.