Switching between jobs isn’t very easy. The efforts needed to find a new job and then adjusting to an absolutely new environment can be difficult for many people. To make this transition easier, companies have onboarding processes that help the new hires to acquaint themselves with their surroundings. 

To put it in simple words, efficient onboarding is crucial because it can make or break the employee’s first impression of the company. Imagine your first day at your job, if the overall training process isn’t very good, chances are it will affect your long-term relationship with the company.

So how can a company ensure it has a smooth onboarding process? By adapting to Learning management systems (LMS).

LMSs are well known in the newly adapted world of e-learning. They have a wide range of uses ranging from employee onboarding to training them through microlearning and providing mandatory training for the job. You may not know it but incorporating LMSs for employee onboarding can be very helpful in establishing a strong rapport with the employees and gaining their trust.

In this blog, we will discuss five ways to boost your employee onboarding experiences with the help of LMSs. 

1. Create a starter pack 

The first day for many employees is exciting but can be overwhelming and full of anxiety. Right from remembering the names of so many new colleagues to finding even the most basic things like a cup of coffee, a lot of new hires wander about like lost souls. Your responsibility as a company is to make them feel welcomed and guide them by using a comprehensive map. 

Welcome kits are a great tool to help them kick start their new journey with you. Using LMS, you can upload an introductory presentation and give them a virtual tour of the company that they can revisit when confused.

69% of employees are likely to stay for more than three years with the company when they have a great onboarding experience.

2. Build a defined pathway

While the prior introduction is important, it is necessary to visit more serious topics like work ethics, company policies, and mandatory compliance schedule. 

LMS plays a significant role by providing a digital learning platform instead of conducting live training sessions and hence saving your time. They also make tracking easier for compliance courses and ensure that the new hires are capable before they actually step into the workforce. 

A personalized dashboard can keep a track of an employee’s journey in learning through onboarding and the seniors/ managers in charge can easily supervise the employee when they need help. 

3. Easier content management 

LMSs make access to all the content available on the platform so much easier. When the content is quickly accessible at your fingertips, the content can be easily edited or updated as per the needs of the company. 

Whether it is updating some policies or adding new points to the compliance training courses, it can be done in no time. 

4. Address skill gaps with microlearning 

With an LMS, you can create and curate a collection of microlearning assets. Microlearning enables employees to learn while on the job which is otherwise difficult given the amount of time they spend at work. 

While classroom training and learning sessions occur less frequently, the bite-sized lessons on any LMS can be easily accessed at the employee’s convenience. They become in charge of their own learning and can refer to the learning material as many times as they want and at their own pace. 

Digital content can be easily updated as per the requirements of the job and is always standardized. 

5. Obtain certifications easily 

LMSs allow obtaining certifications easier for completing various tasks like accessing training or reviewing policy documentation. This invariably reduces the burden on the members of administrative and Human Resources departments. 

LMSs also provide an award system using gamification (use of game elements in a non-game environment) which also encourages the employees to perform better.

By digitizing the entire onboarding process, everything from introducing the company employees to company policies, the transition becomes so much easier. This is why we recommend using LMSs for easy employee onboarding.
An effective LMS takes the onboarding experience to a different level altogether. Call our experts today to book a demo of the Totara LMS.